A Gym Built For You


ATP Fitness is a 1500 square foot private personal training gym in San Ramon. Built with your goals in mind and independent trainer driven our focus is strictly on helping you reaching your fitness goals. With no memberships offered to the public we have cut out the noise, clutter, and non-sense associated with commercial gym settings. When you walk into our training facility you should feel at home, comfortable, and know you’re going to get an amazing workout.


Two heavy duty squat racks and deadlift platform

Full dumbbell sets up to 75lbs

Olympic barbells and 900 lbs of weights

Kettlebells, slam balls, medicine balls, battle ropes and TRX

Cardio equipment for steady state or HIIT Training

For Our Members

As an exclusive member to ATP Fitness we look to provide you with the best possible equipment, trainers, and service! Anything we can provide to help boost the quality of time at the our gym and you increase your success we will do.

Complimentary waters, coffee, tea, or any other beverages provided

Complimentary healthy snacks such as fruits, bars, or nuts

Towel Service

Access to events such as weekend bootcamps, coaching seminars, holiday events


*Video shot and edited by Larry Madrigal Films